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I believe that I offer exceptional value for advertising your holiday cottage, gite, villa, chalet or family friendly hotel on
Sign up now & your fees will last until 31 August 2015. Flat advertising fee (£75/yr for 1 cottage, £100/yr for 2-4 cottages on the same site, £150/yr for 5-9 cottages on the same site) plus a set up fee of just £10 one-off. For 10 cottages or more we charge £20/cottage per year. Price includes a link to your own website.
1. Building your cottage/gite/villa/chalet page - plus making any changes as required including a direct link to your cottage website and availability page if applicable.
2. Adding independent recommendations for your cottage/gite/villa/chalet. The more recommendations you have, the higher the profile of your holiday cottage on our website. With enough recommendations, you will qualify for our "Top 25" most recommended properties - our most popular family holiday cottages. We accept any recommendations as "independent" as long as we can email the guests directly to verify and confirm the recommendation.
3. Satisfaction Guarantee - for first time advertisers in the first year we offer a guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service - Money Back Guarantee - If you receive less than 50 referrals (clickthroughs from RFH to your website) then you will receive your advertising cost back (less £10 to cover set up costs of your property page)*
4. Advertising your special offers – these are also mailed to our site members on a monthly basis.
5. "Enquiry" and "Visitor" statistics - we can provide these on request at any time.
Since our start in September 2009, our visitor numbers have steadily improved, and we have a membership of almost 2,000 people. Plus we rate very highly on Google searches for "family holidays in [your area]"
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* Money Back Guarantee - If you receive less than 50 referrals (clickthroughs from RFH to your website) then you will receive your advertising cost back (less £10 to cover set up costs of your property page). Conditions
  • You must advertise for one complete year
  • For owners that receive 50 referrals or more (clickthroughs from RFH website to your website) then the money back guarantee no longer applies
  • Properties must be available for rent for at least 9 months of the year
  • The money back guarantee does not apply if you sell your property during the year or take on long term lets (1 month or more)
  • Owners must keep their availability calendars up to date
  • Rental rates for peak season must be below £2,000/wk in order to qualify for the money back guarantee

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