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top 10 tips on saving money on your family holidays

Whether you plan to stay in the UK or go abroad, there are ways to save money on your holiday both before you go and whilst you are there. I have come up with my top 10 ideas which will hopefully inspire you to think of other money saving tips too:
1. If you want to book a last minute summer school holiday, choose the last week before they go back & if you want to go abroad, fly from Scotland as the schools there have already gone back so flights & holidays are much cheaper.
2. If you want to drive to France, use Tesco Clubcard vouchers to pay for your Eurotunnel crossing. For example £10 Tesco vouchers = £30 towards your Eurotunnel fare. Plus it only takes 30 mins to get to Calais and you can pack up the car with all that stuff that costs loads of money to buy when you get there and can't take in those ridiculously small baggage allowances on planes!
3. Think about staying in the UK and going to a Holiday Park. They nearly always offer the best prices with the best onsite facilities including swimming pools, entertainment, sports etc. and they are in superb locations, normally near stunning sandy beaches. Not to mention that there are always plenty of other kids around to help occupy yours! Have a look at this article on holiday parks or for an upmarket version why not try this article on holiday lodges. I can highly recommend booking through Hoseasons on 0345 4986602 or via this holiday website link - they have a superb choice, many at greatly discounted rates if you go last minute and my family & I book our UK holiday with them every year so I can certainly vouch for them too.
4. Think about self catering, even if you don't want to cook a main meal, you can save a fortune by not paying restaurant prices for breakfast and lunch yet still go out for an evening meal. Most self catering places these days have dishwashers as they know you don't want to be chained to the kitchen sink on holiday. Not to mention having cold drinks or ice creams on tap in your own fridge freezer bought from the nearest cheap supermarket. Lots of self catering accommodation even offer the chance to get your grocery shop delivered to your holiday cottage so its there waiting for you when you arrive. Even easier!
5. If travelling by car or even flying, take a picnic with you and avoid the high food prices on the way to your destination. Airport food prices and motorway service stations are outrageous so I always do a last minute "picnic" shop at my local supermarket to take with us before we go then on the way back do the same whilst using up all our left-overs.
6. If staying in the UK or travelling by car, download the app MOTO that gives you vouchers direct to your phone to save money on your journey. For example, cut fuel bills, get money off vouchers for Burger King, M&S, Costa or WH Smith at your local motorway service station. And if you forget to do it before you go, there is FREE WiFi at all MOTO affiliated service stations.
7. Some of the kids favourite activities are FREE, you don't need to spend a fortune going to all the latest theme parks & tourist attractions every day, save that one for a special treat. Kids love nothing more than spending time at the beach or an onsite pool meeting up with other kids to have fun with or just to hang out with.
8. Look out for deals online on local attractions either before you go or when you are there e.g. flyers are found in airports, in tourist offices or people just hand them out with discounts for big tourist attractions for that special day out. Tesco Clubcard also offers deals at tourist attractions including France, I know as we used them for Futuroscope and Parc Asterix and in Spain at Aqua Natura in Benidorm for example.
9. Check out any Special Offers or Last Minute Availability before booking—go with a less well known company that's still ABTA or ATOL regulated for the best prices. This is probably more where my website can help you - have a look at our special offers page and our holiday partners, they are all fully regulated so your money is safe and I have tried a fair few out on my family too so know what's good so only include recommend those travel companies even if you have never heard of them before.
10. Look out for BEST PRICE GUARANTEES & online discount booking codes — there are better deals to be had for the same holiday! I would say that the best company in Europe for this is MadameVacances who offer both holidays in the sun and skiing holidays for families - great prices, great deals and superb online discount vouchers.
Article By Lucilla Paull.

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