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should you take the family on holiday in term time?

As parents, we all know about the frustration of the increased prices to go on holiday when they are not at school – summer holiday prices in particular seem to rocket during school holidays, so should you take your children out of school and go during term time? Here, I take a look at the pros & cons.

Holidaying during term time

You may not know, but regulations have recently changed. In the past, head teachers were able to approve absences of up to 10 days for family holidays during term time but in September 2013 new rules were put in place & now they can only approve time off for kids due to "exceptional circumstances" such as illness in the family or funerals for example. Apparently this change was introduced as holidays during term time can damage academic success – something I am not sure I agree with given my children are only 8 and 9!!
For families who decide to go on holiday during term-time anyway, fines of £60 per pupil (which rise to £120 per pupil if not paid during 28 days) are imposed. Many families have decided to accept the fines as part of the cost of their holiday but make sure you do pay up or your risk a fine of up to £2,500, and a community order or up to 3 months in jail! You'll also be given a Parenting Order and forced to go to parenting classes – I couldn't think of anything worse!

Holidaying when the kids are off school

It can be difficult to get an accurate figure for the amount your holiday will cost you once you factor in dining out, entertainment etc. Would your budget be different for these items within or outside school holidays? I doubt it would be significantly different.

So is there an alternative?

Well, you could always find the cheapest possible holiday available during the school holidays by comparing the prices of similar options from different companies. This is where Recommended Family Holidays might be able to help you and is one of the reasons I set up the company in the first place.
Recommended Family Holidays (RFH) works directly with owners and works with a large number of other travel companies who act as agents for the owners – all of which are ATOL/ABTA registered to give you piece of mind when booking. In addition, if you want even more comfort, pay using your credit card so you also get Section 75 back up too.
RFH doesn't take bookings directly, rather the website "refers" you to either the owner or the travel partner who takes bookings on the owners' behalf. However, where I can help you is that each month I spend a considerable amount of time looking for the best family friendly holiday deals that I can find – I am taking the leg-work out of that price comparison for you whilst still offering you the best quality accommodation.
There are 3 ways you can get the latest offers and deals:

Article By Lucilla Paull and Ella Moss who I would like to say a special thank you for allowing me to publish some of her article. Click here for Ella's full article.

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