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top 10 Tips on keeping the kids busy on a plane journey

Are you absolutely dreading that journey? Never taken the kids on a plane before? Well, don't be put off, here are my top 10 ideas for keeping your children happy for the whole flight .... and that's some statement!! Hopefully my ideas might just generate a few more from you that would suit your own kids - let's just say, I am trying to "feed" your imagination too!
1. Surprise your child with a "gift" on the plane, something new always holds their attention longer such as an interactive book with flaps & pop ups.
2. Take some colouring & you can all join in but invest in those square based crayons that don't roll away & get lost.
3. Re-tell their favourite story with those handy finger puppets you just happened to find squashed in the bottom of your bag.
4. A fully charged portable DVD player—don't rely on the plane's entertainment —& put in a favourite or even better, a new DVD.
5. Raid your office drawers before you go for crafty ideas. Make exciting & colourful "pictures with staples" on your post it notes & jazz it up with your highlighters.
6. Make lists of what your kids want to do whilst they are away on holiday—the more bizarre the ideas the better to feed their imagination and occupy their minds.
7. Look out the window and spot animals or faces in the clouds below—get them to explain what they see and pretend not to see it for a while, it uses up more time!
8. Hit the shops and take along a sticker book with their favourite characters —hours of fun, little or no mess and lots of quiet time.
9. Don't forget to pack their favourite book. Reading quietly out loud is less likely to annoy others than noisy kids!
10. Load a new game on your phone before you go, if all else fails!
11. And just an extra one… don't forget those sucking sweets to help with the ears going pop on the way down.
Article By Lucilla Paull.

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