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I always welcome your comments, criticism or anything else about the website that you wish to say - I want to make it the best and most useful it can possibly be. Therefore if you would like to contact me about any issues you are having with the website, please do so via email:
If you are looking for advice or to book a UK holiday then I have teamed up with another operator who have their own call centre to provide you with this service, so please telephone 01244 352241 - lines are open until 9.30pm every single day!
If you would like me to help you find your perfect family holiday please send me an email with as much information as you can such as location, budget, number of bedrooms & any other facilities you might need so that I can offer you the best quality options available.
I look forward to hearing from you, and, in case you are interested, below is a little idea of how I started Recommended Family Holidays
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If you have an URGENT problem with the website then please call my mobile: 07747 603278 but note that I DO NOT take bookings. Either owners or my partners take bookings & they can be contacted via online forms or clickthroughs to their own website.

history behind recommended family holidays

The idea for was first conceived whilst sipping a cool beer or two around a beautiful swimming pool in the sunflower region of south-west-france in France whilst on holiday with my family in July 2009. There were probably a few reasons for this:
My existing job in the world of finance was becoming a nightmare around caring for two children under 5 and a husband who commutes to London every day - I was permanently exhausted!!
Sadly my health was failing with spinal problems, so I was finding it increasingly difficult to physically get out to work. I wanted to continue working to keep me sane and occupy my mind on those bad days rather than feeling sorry for myself; I needed an income; I needed something that would allow me to continue to work whilst laid up – sometimes I have to spend time in a wheelchair and can no longer sit at a desk, my office is now my sofa!!
I seemed to spend (waste?) so much time looking for a self-catering family holiday that would be suitable for the children and for us as parents - it just seemed like aimless trawling of the internet through multiple websites to still end up with just a small choice of destinations and then endless emails just to make sure that they had the facilities that we, as a family, needed and wanted.
I needed a new challenge and setting up my own business in a completely different field has certainly been that!! I knew a little about building a website after teaching myself whilst on enforced maternity leave - I am not the best advert for pregnancy having had a pretty bad time. I hasten to say, I wouldn't change it for the world as my two boys are a complete joy, particularly when I am not very well and even at aged 4 and 6 as they are now, they are so understanding and helpful and I am so, so proud of them.
The aim of is to provide a "one-stop" shop to find suitable accommodation that welcomed families and helped mums and dad to actually enjoy their holidays rather than worry about the kids, the packing, the facilities on holiday, the hassle etc. etc. It can be very daunting holidaying as a family and if you get the wrong place, it can be a disaster. My ideal holiday has something for the kids to do, somewhere for them to play, preferably a catering service so I am not always having to cook but also allowing the flexibility of self catering so the kids can have what they want when they want it, a dishwasher, washing machine, TV and DVD for obvious reasons, and either a kids club or babysitting so I can actually spend some time with my husband – a luxury that is always hard to have with a young family.
Through experience I found that the best holidays that we had been on as a family were those recommended by other mums and dads - similar people to us who recognised a good holiday. I believe a "tried and tested" holiday has greater chance of being a successful holiday and therefore I captured this idea in Users of the website provide direct feedback to me on the properties that are advertised on the site - the more recommendations a property has, the more prominent it appears on the site. I also have a "top 25" recommended properties page so users can see, at a glance, the most recommended family holiday destinations - these are by far the most popular properties on the website.
I am always more than happy to offer any free advice or support to other mums or dads who want to set up their own business - just fill in the form above.

Privacy policy

In recognition of the new EU ePrivacy Directive that has just come into force - I use Google Analytics & Statcounter to monitor visitor numbers to the website so I know what works and what doesn't! Secondly, I use some affiliates - these are companies that pay me a small commission (typcially 2-4% of any booking) for directing my visitors to their website. The reason I do this is that this small income helps me in providing an income to help the continuing running and development of Recommended Family Holidays - rest assured, it is certainly not part of my core business model! Such affiliates include Hoseasons, Eurocamp and Premier Holidays plus the advertisers you see in the bottom left hand side of the page. They use "cookies" (a small piece of code) so that if you make a booking within say, 30 days, I receive the small commission. I just wanted to let you all know how it works - without them, I can't run Recommended Family Holidays!