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Taking your pets on holiday with you can be quite a daunting prospect but for many owners it isn't a proper holiday without bringing your pets - it is just finding pet friendly accommodation that is the real problem! Perhaps choosing a holiday that is close to home is the answer - less travel time so that your pet doesn't become distressed. Many accommodation owners do not want pets because of the smells & increased cleaning cost of visitors bringing their pets with them. Couple this with a small number of irresponsible dog owners who spoil it for everybody else, it can be difficult to find pet friendly accommodation. Cottages, lodges & parks that accept pets often have a restriction on the number of dogs allowed in each property so this is certainly something that you need to check prior to booking if you have more than one pet. Other accommodation owners will only allow pets at certain times of year i.e. outside peak season - this is so that dogs don't frighten their largely "family orientated" clientele at this time of year.
However, here at Recommended Family Holidays, we have come up with a complete list of our all pet friendly accommodation to try to make the task a little easier for you. If you know where you would like to go, then please click the region link below. For other countries click on one of the following country names France, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

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